I am a computer scientist with a strong interest for a wide variety of topics, ranging from web applications to scientific data processing pipelines.

Here is a list of things I have done (and hence can maybe do again, with some variation, for you):

Internal Management App for a Wine Importing SME

I have built (and actively maintain) a customized internal management app for a wine importing company:

Under the hood of this application:

Shopify Store

I have helped to build a Shopify-based music licensing store for a client, which entailed to master their development tools and API.

Road Address Correction Algorithm

For Montreal’s Director of Public Health, I have created an algorithm to detect and correct errors in big road address databases (mostly typos), and geocode the results. The same kind of thing that Google Maps offers, only with a data pipeline over which I (as well as my clients) have the entire control (including the suite of open source tools and geographical data I have been using). An article has been published about this project.

3D Reconstruction of Botanical Trees from LIDAR Data

With researchers from a forestry lab, I have created a tool with an innovative UI for the 3D reconstruction of botanical trees from LIDAR scanning data. I have co-written a scientific article to describe this project, for which the source code has also been made available.

Dataset License Generator

As a contractor for Element AI, I have created a web app (using React) to generate legal licenses for machine learning datasets.